Tablet/card weaving

Tablet/card weaving

Tablet/card weaving Icelandic woman. 

From: Valtýr Gudmundsson:
'Islands Kultur ved Aarhundredskiftet' 1900, 
Copenhagen, 1902

Tablet weaving  is a weaving technique where tablets or cards 
are used to create the shed through which the weft is passed. The 
technique is limited to narrow work such as belts, straps, or garment trim. 
Tablet-woven bands are commonly found in Iron age graves 
and are presumed to be standard trim for garments 
among various peoples, including the Vikings

 Birka (near Stockholm, Sweden) was an important
viking age economic, power and cultural center where many
textiles have been found and studied. Fabrics and woven bands
there oftentimes shows distinctive patterns and designs
which took the name Birka afterwards.

Here, Sivrúnr experimented with a technique called 'Brocade Weaving,'
which consists of weaving an additionnal thread over some of the background
threads in order to accentuate shapes and motifs. Traditionnaly, such a technique
would be made with a gold or a silver thread on a silken band. But here,
Sivrúnr simply made a 100% grey and black woolen band and added
100% very soft pale blue silk as the brocade thread

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Wooden beech tablet weaving cards
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 Wooden (ash) tablet weaving shuttle
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Viktor Vasnetsov (1848–1926):
'Calling of Vikings', 1913

Tablet hand woven trim - 100% Shetland wool
Use as a belt or trim for your tunic, kirtle or viking apron dress
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Jess said...

Where can I find charts for tablet weaving? I have been fascinated for years, and would love to give it a try!

Aputsiaq Mette said...

Hi Jess, Hmm, I really don't know...have you tried google it? I mean, everything is on the Internet these days, so you might be in luck....

kim said...

here's a good place to start on several types of weaving including tablet

Aputsiaq Mette said...

Wow Kim - thanks for the link; I don't know where to begin; what a bag og goodies! I'll have to spend some time there!! THANKS!