Norwegian Fjord Horses - square soup bowl

Decorated with two dun Norwegian Fjord horses, one walking, one standing, 
in a vast landscape of rolling hills of meadows, vast pine forests and jagged 
snow capped blue mountains. Glazed in rich gold, pale blues with textured 
green base and trimmed foot. Inside is deep burgundy- ruby 
red with nice sploosh in he bottom


Crina Manolescu said...

Hello Aputsiak!
I have been following your blog for a few years already, and now I thought i would "brag" about this object of mine which i made by hand, which i Thought you might like.
What do you think about it?
Thanks, and please excuse me for contacting you like this, I didnt find any email of your..
Have a great day!
Crina - Romania.

Aputsiaq said...

Hi Crina! First of all: Thanks a lot for following me so long - I really appreciate you do - thanks!

And then; thanks for the link to your Etsy shop! I really enjoyed seening yor felted artwork. You're skilled! I felt myself but would never be able to make such beautiful jevellery boxes! So sweet!

Oh, no I don't have my e-mail on my blogs...I like it far more if people write what they think here :O)

And thanks again!